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I am only here as a Personal Chef, because of the Wonderful Jedi Masters (great cooks, bakers and a muse, or two) who I have been Blessed with in my life. My Mar (Mom) a Fantastic cook, My Mother in Law Inez the Best baker, Eddie (Justin’s Mum) a Muse and the countless Chefs and Great Cooks I have been lucky enough to work with. Like most Foodies I Love to play with food. I love to cook and bake and some days I do it all day long. I love what I do, I love to see, taste and hear just how Grand my food is. Back in High School my Home-Ec teachers never thought I would boil water. Little did they know.

My Sister Barbara and I took some college courses, in Gourmet food preparation, Cake and Candy preparation and decorating. And then International Food interdiction and preparation. These classes came to an abrupt stop, (well at least for me) when a big professional oven blew up, with me cooking at that very oven. This was the last night of the semester, so everyone was being graded on a final dish that was worth 50% of our final grade. Someone turned the oven gas on, but failed to light the oven. After that I decided to cook at home, (I knew my oven) I spent most of my time baking. I won lots of Blue Ribbons at the Del Mar Fair. I made cakes, pies etc. for everything, our children’s baseball teams, church, schools, friends, family and everyone Loved them.

When our kids went off to college and now living in Pacific Beach, I was still baking but nowhere the amount I had before. I found a new Love: My Farmer’s Market, everything so fresh and colorful. No more canned veggies, no more Comstock pie filling. I started really falling in love with food (I became a Foody). The more I learned, the more I experimented, the better I got, I awakened the Giant within me (a real cook). I was having dinner parties all the time, I Loved the rush I got planning, shopping, cooking and then hearing how grand my food was. I am Blessed!

Now we lived in Solana Beach, another food step for me. It all started with Osso Bocco, we went to dinner with Eddie, her and I ordered that days Special Osso Bocco. Needless to say it was Delicious and I knew I could make it if I had the recipe. Eddie knew it too, at the restaurant she told me, “I have Julia Child cookbooks, we can find this recipe.” A few days later we went shopping and that night I made my first Osso Bocco and served it over my first ever Risotto. OH My Goddess was it ever Good! It really Blew all of our minds. Then came French, English, Welsh and Indian cookbooks, Eddie would find a recipe, we would go shopping and then Voila!

I am Blessed with another Jedi.

When we moved to Encinitas, I took a job at a Gourmet cooking school, I worked with many of the Finest Chefs in San Diego county. This was a Dream job for the Foody I had become. Each day a different Chef, different food to prep and sometimes to cook, or bake. I would prepare some food with the chef’s recipe, before class. So, when the Chef was working their magic and preparing a dish, or meal, (sometimes because of time) the end result may have been mine. Just the same as they do on TV cooking shows, the people that do all the early prep for the Chef. But, of course no one who paid for that course, or watched the cooking show knows that little secret.  I received culinary training, learned tricks and tips from some really Grand Chefs (and I was being paid to learn). I also, learned about food preparation, timing, wine pairing, ingredients and foods, I had not used or used much before, this was a Dream come true. I am Blessed!

For years I have been writing a Dessert cook book, Sweet Memories. I read somewhere that if you want your first book published write a second book, so I did. This book is more eclectic main dishes, vegetables, soups, etc. And all the while cooking and baking, for my family, friends, parties, selling, catering and being a Personal Chef. Becoming a Personal Chef, was just the next step, on my Jerrieann’s Excellent Foody Adventure Road-trip.  All of this has been a Wealth of knowledge and all the while honing my food skills, making new friends and having the time of my life. I am Blessed.

I Love when new clients calls, who found me by word of mouth and they say “I have heard that your food is Wonderful”, “Great to hear you like to use Farmer’s Market fresh fruits and vegetables”. “I heard your Cheesecake was to die for”. Or “I want your Paella for my party”. And now this website, more books, recipes, food, cooking and baking. Life is a Banquet and Most Poor Suckers are Starving! I Love to Belly Up to the Banquet Table Everyday… I am Blessed!

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