Watermelon Pizza

Watermelon Pizza 1

Red Flame Seedless Grapes, Stilton and Asiago cheese. Served with a Crain Lake Riesling. Sunset Dinner on our deck. Summer Time and the Living is Easy. Life is a Banquet!

Watermelon Pizza is a great appetizer and a Grand dinner too. Cut, a 2-inch slice of Fresh Watermelon, seeds in if you can find one (sweeter then seedless). Sprinkle with Feta cheese, Chiffonade (bundle a chop herbs) Fresh Basil and toss it on top of cheese. Sprinkle Good aged Balsamic vinegar. You will not even believe how Delicious this dish is and neither will your friends.

WOW! What a Grand way to have watermelon.

WOW! What a Grand way to have watermelon.


Chef Jerrieann


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