Kitchen Basics

Kitchen Basics

Kitchen Basics:

Fresh is Always Best, from Garlic to Spices. I only buy small amounts of spices, salts, and peppers, this way they will be fresh and full of flavor, when I need them. I like to shop for the spices, at Sprouts most of the time because I can buy a Tablespoon or two of spices at a time.

California Garlic/Chinese Garlic

Here are two different garlic, the one on the left is Organic from Gilroy CA. The other is not from the USA, it came here from halfway around the world. I picked it up for this picture at a very large chain-store in their grocery section. Just think of the Global footprint, of this little garlic.

When it comes to Garlic always choose Organic California, or from a Farmer’s market. Gilroy, California is the Garlic capital of the world. Pick up some fresh from your Farmer’s market, or at least ask your produce guy where does his garlic come from (you might be surprised). To pick a good garlic it should be very firm, without any fresh growth on top. The green growth you see on garlic means the garlic is old. And ALWAYS Smell your garlic before buying, Good Fresh, garlic with No cut, bruises, or soft spots will have No Garlic Smell at all. Garlic does not have a frequents, until it is cut, chopped, or bruised.

Organic CA. Garlic


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