Food Buying Tips

Fresh from the Farmer's market.

Fresh from the Farmer’s market.

Food Buying Tips

Always buy and use the Best and Freshest you can get. And try to use Local if you can. I always buy eggs, butter, and all dairy products that come from California (I live in CA). My garlic, onions, root vegetables all come from CA. Citrus, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, I like to buy at Farmers Markets, and Roadside stands. We are very Lucky here in Southern CA, strawberries are locally grown, we can go right to the fields and buy them just picked. Remember it is OK to be a perfectionist in the kitchens, nothing short of the Best is the Best!

Fresh from our Farmer's market.

Fresh from our Farmer’s market.

The Goat cheese pictured above also comes from or local Farmer’s Market. Our cheese guy carries goat, sheep and cow milk cheese. We bought a soft sheep milk and Lavender cheese, that was Out of This World Grand. I stuffed Chicken breast with it, Boy did I get Rave Reviews with that dish!


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