Knives & Utensils


Make sure that your knives are clean and sharp. You only need a couple of really good knives. A chef’s knife, a ceramic knife and a bread knife, to start. Of course you can add to this list as you cook more.
A chef’s knife is picked by how it feels in your hand. Not too long, not too big, a knife that you feel comfortable working with. You may want to go to a restaurant supply store or a gourmet store. Ask around and see what they suggest and feel the choices in your hand. Choose what feels right to you.
The ceramic knife is very sharp by nature. This is a knife that you take care of. Do not drop it because it will break. This knife is essential for fruits and vegetables. You can literally try it with a tomato. See if you can slice a tomato so thin you can see through it. That’s what they’re made for. You actually see more ceramic knives in professional kitchens than you do at home. They never come in box sets that sit on your counter. Most of those knives are useless.
The bread knife doesn’t have to be extremely costly. Its a good handy knife to have about in your kitchen.
A good steel is also recommended when you’re shopping for your chef’s knife. It keeps your knives sharp. The most dangerous thing in a kitchen is a dull knife.


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