Salt & Pepper


Do you have any idea how many different salts there are in the world? Well, in my kitchen at any given time I have seven, or eight kinds of salt I work with. Salt is one of those seemingly straightforward ingredients that become increasingly complex the more you get to know it.

Kosher Salt is much lighter in flavor, and much lower in sodium then table salt.

Sea Salt dissolves instantly so throw it on salad after the dressing to make it pop.

Gray Salt is wonderful in pasta, or Mediterranean recipes.

Fleur de sel  the high water mark in the salt world is Fleur de Sel which means Flower of Salt. This salt takes it time to dissolve so use this one for your best Rib Roast, or to garnish fine candies.

I also use Black Lava Hawaii Sea SaltAlderwood Smoked Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Green Bamboo Sea Salt. All have their own unique flavor.

When cooking in a professional kitchen you will always find unsalted butter, that way the cook can control the salt. Also, be careful if you use bullion for flavor, they are salty so remember that before you add your own salt.

Peppercorn comes in many wonderful varieties with varying degrees of heat and flavor complexity. I am a Fresh black pepper fan, I do love my pepper mill. There are several types of peppercorns, black, green and white, each has its own nuances.That being said all pepper comes from the same plants. Green are freshly picked and are meant to be eaten fresh. Black are dried and white has its outer skin stripped off. All three have a spicy background, while green and white are on the milder side, and work well in light colored foods. But, pepper flavors, can be found from Lemon pepper, to Bourbon Barrel Smoked black pepper (smoke and oak flavor), and all kinds of peppers in between. There is a grand spice store near where we live. I could spend hours in there, it is heaven on earth. Just have Fun and experiment a bit, just play with your food.

By the way here is my local spice shop. Savory Spice Shop – Encinitas, CA | The Lumberyard 937 South Coast Hwy 101, C-110 | Encinitas, California 92024 | Ph: (760) 230-4801


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