Your Pantry

Pantry Basics:

Of course there are the obvious staples Flours, Sugars, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Worcestershire Sauce, different kinds of Oils, Vinegars, Gourmet Coffee beans, an assortment loose & bagged Teas and Salts. But, always remember that most of these have a shelf life. So, if you do not use any of these a lot, then buy small amounts at a time, or when you are going to use them.

I like to keep things like Trader Joe’s Artichoke Hearts (some packed in water & some marinated in olive oil), Capers, Calamata olives, jars of yellow, orange, red Bell Peppers,(boxed) Beef, Chicken, and Vegetable stocks, or broth, Panko bread crumbs, Amore Tomato, Garlic and Pesto paste (they come in tubes, like tooth paste). Also, dry Yeast, Cake flour, Maple syrup, dried Beans, assorted Pastas,  sweetened & unsweetened Coconut, Dark Chocolate Bars and Chips, Milk Chocolate Chips.

I am really not a can food person, so looking in my pantry you will only see a couple of cans. Garbanzo and Black beans, Coconut milk, a small tin or two of Anchovies, and Wild Salmon.

I would also count my frig and freezer, as part of my pantry, in their own way. Eggs are a must in our house, from pastries, pouched, to quiche, we love our eggs. Dairy Sour Cream, Butter sweet & salted, Cream Cheese, plain Greek yogurt and cream. And let’s not forget Cheese, a good aged Parmesan Reggiano, or Romano for grating (save the rind when you get down to it, it adds a Depth of Flavor to soups, sauces, and risotto, while they are cooking).

In my Freezer you will find large Ziploc freezer bags filled with Fresh Frozen fruits in season. That way if we want Blueberry Ice cream October I can make it. Our my Famous Three Cherry Pie for Thanksgiving I already have my Cherries, or a Peach cobbler in January. The idea is you buy the fruit at the height of their season, when they taste the Best, and their prices are best too. I also keep a turkey, and a couple corned beef, a ham bone (for soup), and shrimp shells to make seafood stock. And nuts in my freezer.

By the way hidden  in with the bags of fruit, if they have not been found yet, are bags of cookies I had made just in case someone drops in for a latte, or an after school snack. Cheers!

Enjoy! Chef Jerrieann


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