Loaded Baked Potato w/ Rosemary & Garlic

Stuffed Baked Potato

First find the Best looking, right size baking potatoes, you can buy, then wash and dry well. Next, Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Place potatoes in a baking dish, poke with a folk a couple of times each, pour a bit of good olive oil all over potatoes skins. Now, cover the skins with kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, granulated garlic and dried rosemary, herbes de Provence, or whatever herbs you like. Be sure to bake your potatoes in a baking dish that is big enough so as not to crowd your potatoes.

Notice I have not given amounts oil, salt, pepper, or spices or amount of time to bake, because I have no idea what size, or how many potatoes you are baking.

Stuffed Baked Potato #2Now, while your potatoes are baking, start working on filling that Bad Boy Up!

Brown or heat some meat ground, or chopped, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, (left over meats like tri tip, steak, roasted chicken, even salmon) or even just veggies.

Remove meat and make gravy with meat juices, flour butter, salt, pepper and stock. Simmer until thickness you desire, add meat to gravy.

Meanwhile cook, or warm artichoke hearts, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, kale, whatever veggies you want to use.

Chop green onions, grate cheese, cooked bacon, have butter and sour cream ready to use. I also like to use garlic olive oil instead of butter (chop 3-5 garlic cloves, cover with good olive oil and heat on low heat for while, so the oil is infused with garlic).

When potatoes are done carefully move Hot potatoes to serving plates, slice open and start to build your dish.  Add butter, or garlic oil, a bit of cheese, some meat and gravy, then add some veggies, green onions, bacon if using, sour cream and top off with freshly grated cheese.


Chef Jerrieann

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